MV Southern Sun

MV Southern

MV Southern



Cubic:                              375.723 cbft

Sqm u. deck:                       4.495 sqm

DWAT:                                7,721 mt

GT:                                      7.743 mt

NT:                                      3,726 mt


Main particulars

Built:                                  1991-1992

LOA:                                  131.25 m

Beam:                                   19.60 m

Draught:                                 8.87 m

Main E.                              11.012 bhp



Frozen Fish (-30’C):            5,900-ton

HOLD 1:                              1,500-ton

HOLD 2:                               2,200-ton

HOLD 3:                               2,200-ton

Live Seafood:

HOLD 1:                                   50-ton / 80-tank

HOLD 2:                                     0

HOLD 3:                           120-ton / 160-tank

Frozen Fish (-60’C):               780-ton

FEU DECK:                             26

Chilled Product:                    

TEU DECK:                              54


Tank capacity 

1,086 mt IFO 380 RMG 35

126 mt MDO DMB




All hatches to all holds/compartments have

free opening of minimum 8.1 x 4.7 m



Air changes per hour:    90

Air renewal per hour:    2.4

7 seperate cooling sections, with sufficient

compressor capacity for keeping -30 to +15

degrees Celsius.



Cranes:                1x 17/34 mt

Pallet cranes:        3x 8 mt


Speed and consumption

Speed laden:        art 19.7 knots

Consumption main:    abt 29.5 mt/day

                                    IFO 380 RMG 35

Consumption aux:        abt 2.5 - 4.5 mt/day

                                    IFO 380 RMG 35



Pelamis Shipping is a division of the Pelamis Group that manages the shipping assets for the operations of the Fishing and Logistics Divisions. Pelamis Shipping is a ship owner, with an expanding fleet of Refrigerated Cargo Carriers, Freezer Long-Line Fishing and Purse Seiner Fishing Vessels.

The Refrigerated Carriers are primarily supportive of the Groups fishing activities in the Southern Skipjack Tuna and the Western Tuna Fisheries. Operating at the height of the fishing season regular bi-weekly freight runs from Southern Australia to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. While the Fishing vessels are used in the catching of the Groups Tuna Quota.

The Refrigerated Carriers are all sister ships of similar design and capacity. They each have the capacity to carry frozen fish at -30’C in bulk or -60’C in deck containers, as well as chilled product palletised, or in deck reefers. 

It is proposed to fit two vessels with live self-contained seawater holding tanks, to give a one hundred and fifty ton (150-ton) capacity.